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About Michael Bastian

Hailed as the leading voice of a modern preppy generation, award winning menswear designer Michael Bastian has partnered with Frank Clegg Leatherworks to create an innovative capsule collection that combines exacting craftsmanship with creative, classic, heirloom design. These limited edition bags and accessories capture the creative energy of Michael Bastian as only Frank Clegg can.

Michael Bastian Designs

When Michael Bastian joined forces with Frank Clegg to create a capsule leather goods collection, it was the pairing of kindred spirits. Bastian, known for his fresh take on timeless American style, and Clegg, the preeminent American leather craftsman, have created new designs that both stand the test of time and celebrate contemporary American luxury.

Anchoring his collection with the iconic shield motif, inspired by a vintage U.S. Mail bag, Michael Bastian reimagines traditional everyday leather bags - briefcase to duffle bag. The result is a mix of flair and exacting detail; bags that will stay with you for life and only get better with time.

Michael Bastian