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Frank Clegg is internationally recognized as one of the finest leather craftsmen alive today, and his timeless yet instantly identifiable style is often described as the definition of American luxury leather bags.

Making the finest leather goods is a complex and labor-intensive process. When it comes down to it, a leather bag is only as good as the materials and craftsmanship that go into it. A label is for marketing, but when you pick up a world-class briefcase, tote, duffle bag, or handbag, you can instantly feel what makes it different from anything else.

"We do not compromise on skill or technology, because then we can't make the best products for our customers," says Frank. Time honored handwork and modern machinery combine to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and unerring quality. "Make it right, never rush" is a work floor mantra. 

Every single product that leaves our Fall River, Massachusetts, workshop is touched by Frank or his sons. They, along with a dedicated team of highly skilled craftspeople, ensure that each bag, briefcase, belt, wallet, or accessory is made to their exacting standards. Educating the customer is always a priority, because many people don't understand how luxury goods come together - the design process, selection of materials, cutting and sewing, and sheer amount of time taken to create that flawless heirloom. We want you to ask questions, learn about the process, and understand what makes a Frank Clegg bag so unique. 

Our team works hard to source the best materials, to craft the finest products for our customers. We do that by struggling all the time. It's what we do every day - do it the best way. This is not a marketing game to us. - Frank Clegg


  • Family Owned Since 1970

  • Handcrafted in America

  • The Signature Of Quality

  • Hand Painted Edges

  • Custom Tanned Leather

  • In-House Pattern Making

  • High Grade Nylon Thread

  • Swiss Made RiRi Zippers

  • Solid Brass Hardware

The Process & Workshop