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All Frank Clegg leather are hand-selected and custom tanned especially for us, in fact, you will not find these exceptional leathers anywhere else in the world. All of our leathers are 100% vegetable tanned, the same type of process used for centuries to create the finest saddles and case goods. 

The leathers that we use for all our Frank Clegg products are unlike any other. French hides are hand-selected and custom crafted especially for us by the finest tanneries. In fact, only a small percentage of even the world's best leathers meet our high standards. Could we lower our standards without our customers ever noticing? Sure, but we never will. 

A tannery knows how to make leather, but a designer and craftsman like Frank knows how to make product. And Frank Clegg Leatherworks is a product-driven company. It's not the label or the marketing that matters to us. We are obsessed with crafting the finest leather goods to be found anywhere, and that begins with the leather itself. 

The process of creating our 100% vegetable tanned leathers is a blend of science and art. In fact, it takes 120 individual steps to create our leathers. From grain pattern to consistency of color penetration to finishing, it is a painstaking and highly complex process. Altering just one step can change the outcome completely. 

Frank and his two sons are personally involved in the selection and tanning process. Regular trips to Europe ensure that when their leathers are being developed, no corners are cut and no shortcuts are taken. A fixation on quality, standards, honesty, and perfection is second nature to the Cleggs -it's in their DNA. 

So, when work starts on your new Frank Clegg bag, you know that the best possible leather is the starting point for the finest hand crafted products.


Harness Belting Leather

Signature Tumbled Grain

Signature Shrunken Grain

Exotic & Luxury Hides


This exceptional leather has a firm, lightly glossy finish that softens with age and use and will develop a unique and cherished patina. Extra fat liqueurs are added during the conditioning process, creating a smooth surface and beautiful appearance that improves with age. These fine leathers do not have any surface finish to protect them, and with care will age over time to become a true heirloom.  

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This leather is gently tumbled to give it a distinctively soft and relaxed hand while at the same time remaining durable and easily standing up to daily use. These natural leathers are treated with only a soft wax finish and will last a lifetime.

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A signature material that has become a Frank Clegg specialty, this unique leather is heavily shrunken, producing a dramatic, textured effect. Only skins with significant character are chosen for this special process. Leathers selected for this treatment also tend to have more range marks. Not defects, these unique markings add to the character of the leather.

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Depending on availability and quality, we also offer a limited selection of exotic leathers. These include alligator, crocodile, ostrich, lizard, python, and other unique options. Please contact us for more information about these specialty leathers.

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