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Market Tote Giveaway


Frank Clegg x Portugalia Marketplace Giveaway

We take great pride in our products, our history, and the city we call home. So when deciding how to introduce our new Leather Market Tote, it only seemed right to partner with a fellow Fall River family-owned business and market that takes equal pride in their curated offering of the highest quality goods.

Portugalia Marketplace grew its roots in Fall River over three decades ago and is now a destination food emporium offering the finest Azorean and Portuguese exports.

With the help of Portugalia’s owner, and our dear friend, Michael Benevides, we are giving away our brand new Leather Market Tote filled with a curated selection of goods from Portugalia Marketplace like rich fig jam, centenary extra virgin olive oil, decadent port wine dark chocolate, and so much more.

To enter to win, simply enter your email address below and click "Enter to Win", and that's it. On October 29th, 2021 we notify the lucky winner.


Portugalia Giveaway Items

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The Sardinfluencer's Picks
Item #1
A chef and tinned-fish-fanatic, Harrison Weinfeld creates delicious, approachable ways to incorporate conserva into your home cooking. In his kit, The Sardinfluencer’s Picks, you’ll find a perfectly curated collection of 5 hand-selected tins, 3 of his original recipes, 1 weather-proof sticker, and just the right amount of fish puns, all waiting to be gifted to that lover of conserva in your life (or to yourself)!
Chocolataria Equador Dark Chocolate with Port Wine
Item #2
The Chocolataria Equador is a brand of Handmade Chocolate made in Portugal. Chocolataria Equador combines high quality chocolate, design, and fiction to produce their decadent chocolate bars. The visual elements and graphic language that Chocolataria Equador put into their products set them ahead of the rest.
Metáfora Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Item #3
We proudly present a millennial blend, made exclusively from centenary and millennial olive trees. Extracted primarily from “verdeal” olives, our olive oil is remarkable for its green, bitter and spicy flavor, making it an imperative seasoning in any Mediterranean dish. Our olives are carefully selected and cold pressed the very day that they are picked from our trees, ensuring a perfectly fresh olive oil with the lowest acidity level and a flawless peroxide value.
5 Inch Galo Barcelos Traditional Hand-Crafted Clay Rooster
Item #4
Galo Barcelos Traditional Hand-Crafted Rooster is approximately 5 inches in height. This rooster is intended to be a gift of happiness and good luck.
Quintal Dos Açores Fig Jam
Item #5
Quintal dos Acores Fig Jam made the old-fashioned way with Azorean figs.
Castelbel Special Edition Tradicional Da Madeira
Item #6
Filled with tradition, this soap is born from the exclusive combination of a 100% vegetable base, a sophisticated perfume made in Europe and a careful design. To these painstakingly selected ingredients we have added our passion for Portugal and the love and dedication that our craftswomen put into each hand stamped and hand wrapped soap. The result is nothing but a truly affordable luxury piece that fits in the palm of your hands.
O Melhor do Ribatejo Salt Flower
Item #7
On hot and not windy days, a very thin layer of salt crystals is formed on the surface of the salt pan which is carefully collected by workers who take only the top layer. After drying, it becomes the flower of salt – “fleur de sel”, flor de sal. They are a rock-salt mine, very extensive and deep, crossed by an underground stream that feeds a well from which water is extracted seven times saltier than the oceans. They maintain a typical and artisanal exploration process that makes them one of the greatest natural resources in Ribatejo.
Frank Clegg Market Tote
Item #8
With simple and sturdy details, our Leather Market Tote is a great casual alternative that will make running errands that much easier. With dual pockets for keeping things organized on the outside while allowing for maximum reusability on the inside, you will want to reach for this practical companion again and again.
Free U.S shipping on orders $150+ | Free International shipping on orders $250+
Free U.S shipping on orders $150+ | Free International shipping on orders $250+
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