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A Letter From Frank Clegg & Covid-19 Updates
A Letter From Frank Clegg & Covid-19 Updates



“Tanning” refers to the process that converts animal skin to leather. “Vegetable” refers to the natural materials used in the tanning process, such as bark, branches, and leaves, which create beautiful earth tones. Vegetable or veg-tanning, as it is sometimes referred, is one of the oldest methods of tanning known to man, and also the most expensive. The process requires weeks, sometimes months, to complete. Vegetable-tanned leathers are also known for lasting durability and a superb aging hallmark known as a patina—the weathered look leather takes on as it ages. Veg-tanned leathers are known to develop the best patinas.


For us, bull hides are our choice since we produce larger products and require larger quality cuts. European cattle is among the most sought-after raw stock in the world as a result of their exceptional diet and lifestyle. With the combination of raw hide selection and skilled tannery artisans, the outcome is premium leather that will last for generations to come.


Drum-dyeing is the process of immersing the hides into massive rotating drums for hours on end. This is to ensure full and even penetration of the minerals and natural tannins such as bark, branches, and leaves.


Most leathers we use are vegetable tanned and aniline dyed, like our signature harness belting and natural tumbled grain articles. The soluble dyes penetrate the leather without producing a uniform topcoat, maintaining the hide's natural surface. Any noticeable imperfections will remain visible, being the reason as to why we only use the highest quality European Bull. The natural variations remaining on the surface only enhance the beauty and character, creating more of a unique and special heirloom product.

During the finishing process, a fine protective film is applied to the surface which creates a subtle sheen and provides water repellency.

Our Leathers

Harness Belting Leather

This exceptional leather has a firm, lightly glossy finish that softens with age and use. It turn will develop a unique and cherished patina. Extra fat liqueurs are added during the conditioning process, creating a smooth surface and beautiful appearance that improves with age. These fine leathers do not have any surface finish to protect them, and with care will age over time to become a true heirloom.

This leather is gently tumbled to give it a distinctively soft and relaxed hand, while at the same time remaining durable and easily standing up to daily use. This leather will also patina but due to its softer touch, the ageing process will take longer than the belting. The light wax finishing gives this article a supple hand and will stand up to the test of time with care.

This unique leather has a sporadic shrunken grain, which gives a beautiful texture to our bags. This article has a softer touch yet is very durable. This is a chromed tanned leather compared to the belting and tumbled which are veg. The chrome tanning process however creates leather that is more rugged; it is more resistant to the elements but will not patina much over time.

This leather has a soft napped finish which creates a beautiful texture for bags. Suede is surprisingly durable and can be cleaned to almost new with the right products. We normally appoint our suede products with our belting or tumbled leather which creates a great contrast for the bags while also providing a lighter weight finished product.

Depending on availability and quality, we also offer a limited selection of exotic leathers. These include alligator, crocodile, ostrich, lizard, python, and other unique options. Please contact us for more information about these specialty leathers.




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