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A Letter From Frank Clegg & Covid-19 Updates
A Letter From Frank Clegg & Covid-19 Updates

The Right Piece for Life’s Biggest Occasions.

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The Right Piece for Life’s Biggest Occasions.

The Right Piece for Life’s Biggest Occasions.

Handcrafted, Genuine Leather Bags Make a Perfect Gift.

1. The recent grad

A young person’s first foray into life as an independent adult is well suited for a smart and practical bag, like a duffle or backpack, that can travel with them and on which they can rely. A genuine leather bag, without the bells and whistles of flashy branding, is a reliable companion. For years, a client of ours used the backpack his father purchased for him over 30 years ago. Today, now that his son is ready to travel the world on his own, he has passed it on. It is a cherished piece, full of character, resilient, and made distinct by the scuffs and folds of decades of travels. It is a practical and attractive conversation piece with a meaningful legacy.

2. The newly minted professional

Nothing means business more than a stunning briefcase. With the variety of shapes and styles available, gifting a leather briefcase is thoughtful gesture full on nuance that is meant to complement the user. Whether you’re shopping for a casual-Friday, startup whippersnapper or a suit-and-tie, no-nonsense executive, an elegant and well-made brief is a vote of confidence and show of esteem.

3. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and beyond

When you receive a leather bag as a gift, it feels like receiving a talisman or small piece of armor to accompany you into a new realm, to face challenges, and to meet them well-prepared. The gift of a leather bag is an encouraging and meaningful reminder that says, we see you, we’re proud of where you’re going, and we want to be a small part of your amazing journey for a long time to come.

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