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Stridewise: Frank Clegg Factory Visit

Inside the American Leather Goods Workshop: Unveiling the Value of Frank Clegg's Bags
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Experience the Best of American Craftsmanship with Frank Clegg Leather Bags

Look no further than Frank Clegg for a high-quality leather bag that is crafted with intention and designed to last. With over 50 years of experience, this family-owned business prioritizes quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. ...
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The Story of Frank Clegg Leatherworks

In earlier times, there was a face and a name to the maker of your leather goods. Their craft and expertise were passed on from generation to generation, and with their family name attached to every item, there was a personal pride in creating the highest-quality products. This is the pride that is carried at Frank Clegg Leatherworks: through its namesake, his sons, and the extended family of craftspeople who are committed to crafting the finest American leather goods. It is a pride in what they do, in the products they make, and in the family name. This is the Frank Clegg family story. ...
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Crafting A Responsible Future

Sustainable leather products require ethically sourced material, environmentally conscious production, and socially responsible manufacturing. At Frank Clegg Leatherworks, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards in each of these areas to craft fine leather goods of quality, durability, and sustainability. ...
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Introducing: La Matera x Frank Clegg Duffle Bag

We’ve been fans of La Matera for years, and are proud to introduce you to a brand that shares the same passion for craftsmanship as we do here at Frank Clegg Leatherworks. ...
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Introducing The Commuter Duffle

Thoughtfully designed for the well-equipped traveler.
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The Making of a Legend: The Paul Newman Daytona

Decades after an illustrious watch brand met an iconic Hollywood actor, the stars aligned for a record-breaking sale.
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Enduring Style: Ferrari

The Ferrari 250 GTO is an example that a thing of beauty, expertly made, gets better and more valuable with age.
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A Perfect Pairing: Frank Clegg’s Guide to Japanese Whisky

Japanese single malts and blended whiskeys have found a place on the most distinguished shelves and menus in the world.
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The Right Piece for Life’s Biggest Occasions.

Handcrafted, Genuine Leather Bags Make a Perfect Gift.
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