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5 New Year’s Resolutions from the Cleggs.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions from the Cleggs.

5 New Year’s Resolutions from the Cleggs.

From the worldly to the familiar, here is our take on resolutions for a meaningful 2019.

1. Practice a new skill. This year we’re venturing to learn glassblowing. We encourage you to take on something new or improve on something you already enjoy. How about taking a cooking class or perfecting your backhand?

2. Collect. Through collecting you experience the thrill of the hunt and get to meet interesting people along the way. Anything from pens (a family favorite) and model trains, to antique keys and ancient coins, makes for a fun kinesthetic history lesson and lively conversation pieces.

3. Travel. This is always on our list, but you don’t have to make it to some far off place far from civilization and any known WiFi reception. It’s worth the venture to challenge your preconceived notions about a place. That’s what happed to us on a recent trip to Poland - it was beyond what we had imagined. Still, if you want to - or need to - stay close to home, get a tour of your own city. Walking tours, and even ghost tours, are popping up just about everywhere and they make for a wonderful reminder of why you made the place your home.

4. Read. This is the year to spend less time getting opinions online and spend more time nourishing our minds with compelling reads. We recommend delving into etiquette with Debrett’s A to Z of Modern Manners or climbing the intellectual Everest of Henry IV.

5. Spoil yourself. We spend a lot of time worrying and caring for others, but sometimes it is good to shower some of that attention on ourselves. Save for a dream vacation, the watch you’ve always wanted, or some other indulgence that’s just for you.

We ask you to consider some or all of these resolutions for a fantastic year. And, most importantly, wherever your goals may lead you in the next 12 months, be sure you get there while carrying a Clegg.

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